Supervisors hold first meeting of March

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Mississippi Agricultural and Livestock Theft Bureau requested
assistance from Board of Supervisors in recovering stolen equipment
found in Choctaw County, in their March 4 board meeting.

Jeff Stewart, MALTB director, said Jimmy Busby, MALTB investigator,
and Choctaw County Sheriff Cloyd Halford found stolen equipment in
Choctaw County including a bulldozer. He said that the bulldozer and
other equipment is stuck in mud and asked the supervisors for
assistance in recovering it.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers said the board would like to help
but they have no authority to help.

Steve Wright, board attorney, added that the Board of Supervisors has
not authority to take county equipment onto private property to help
recover stolen equipment.
Stewart said in other situations, other counties have helped the
MALTB. He also said the insurance company that owns the bulldozer is
willing to pay for assistance in recovering it.

The board suggested the insurance company and/or MALTB to contract
with local citizens that have equipment that would help recover the

Steve Fontaine, with Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw, attended
the meeting and gave an update of several of Pioneer’s operations in
the county.

He also discussed, with the board, the ultrasound bids that that were
previously received and tabled. District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire
asked him which ultrasound machine Pioneer would suggest for the
county to purchase. Fontaine said Pioneer recommends the new machine
from Siemens. They discussed the pros and cons of purchasing
refurbished equipment.

“With big ticket items, you don’t want to roll the dice too much
with refurbished items,” said Fontaine.

The supervisors then approved to reject all bids and to accept bids
again on March 28.

At the end of the meeting, McIntire presented the board with a
proposed pay scale for county employees. He said that he and District
4 Supervisor David Carter compared pay scales from seven different
counties to develop the pay scale.

Carter said the presented scale is a “draft, a starting point.” He
added that the county “needs some form of consistency” in pay for
county employees.
Chambers asked for the board to have 30 days to review the pay scale
before adopting it. The board agreed.

The Board of Supervisors also approved:
-Agenda after adding United States Forest Service and budget.
-Jail inspection.
-Increase of $4,900 to the Maddox Road Project due to supplemental
agreement (dirt work) at request of Marty Crowder, county engineer.
February 29 meeting
According to the minutes of the February 29 Board of Supervisors
meeting, the board took up for consideration:
-The agenda with the add-ons of payroll, budget, Joy Marshall, and 4
County requests in District 5.
-To state in the Board minutes that it is the intention of the Board
of Supervisors of Choctaw Co. to allow Golden Triangle Planning and
Development District to submit a GDBG application for Reform Water
Assoc. a water treatment plant with matching cost being provided by
the water association.
-The payroll docket dated February 28, 2013 as presented and
authorizes the President of the Board to sign it.
-An inter-local agreement between Webster Co, Oktibbeha Co, MDOT and
Choctaw Co for fly-over needed relating to the Tax requirements of
each County.
-Postage request for the Tax Assessor in the amount of $233.31 and
order the Clerk to settle by means of a pay warrant.
-Order the Clerk to forward to the Bond Trustee for payment two
claims from Pryor and Morrow in the amounts of $29,439.07 for work
done of the Hospital and $5,601.62 for work done on the MOB.
-Inventory deletions of items 200-293, 440-039, 200-211 and 440-275
due to each beyond economic repair.
-To recognize a letter from Joy Marshall and state in our minutes
that the Boards previous decision stand with regards to Ms.
Marshall’s issue.
-The petition from Carol Barfield to order the destruction of court
reporter records from 2003-2006 held by Mr. Barfield pursuant to the
Mississippi Code of 1972 and authorizes the President to sign on the
Board’s behalf.
-Request Montgomery Co. Mississippi Board of Supervisors to change
the name of Pollard Road in their County to Clark Road due to safety
-A claim for Local Library funds from the County budget and order the
Clerk to settle the $6,000 claim by means of a pay warrant.
-Adopt the County Personnel Policy as presented to take effect April
1, 2013.
-The disbursement of all funds entering the Road district funds in
the manner of 20.1% to District 1 (151), 21.3% to District 2 (152),
20.9% to District 3 (153), 22.7% to District 4 (154) and 15% to
District 5 (155) as of January 1, 2013.
¬-Table the purchase of an Ultrasound system until Monday, March 4,
-Solid Waste Assessments as presented.
-The request of a 4-County EPA for an easement on Mabus Road.
– A motion was made by District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers to
increase the pay of Brent McKnight, Diane Pyron, Glinda Whitmire and
Lillie Anderson to $14 per hour. The motion died due to lack of