Supervisors hold first meeting of year

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors opened their first meeting of 2013 with trying to help Chris Williams of Starkville get paid for dirt work he performed in 2011.

Williams addressed the supervisors asking for any help they could offer in locating Flynn because he has not been paid $2,500 for doing the dirt work and building a road at the site of the future community center in French Camp. This was part of a grant Flynn’s group received to bring broadband internet to French Camp.

Williams said he has sent three certified letters to the addresses he could find for Flynn but has not received any response.

District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, also board president, said the grant/project went through the Town of French Camp not the county, so they could not offer much help. He then called French Camp Mayor Glen Barlow on the phone, and learned that the grant actually went through Flynn’s group not French Camp.

After more discussion, Steve Wright, board attorney, suggested to Williams for him to sue Flynn in Justice Court for the amount owed and for someone to contact the FBI to investigate Flynn. No action was taken.

On a different matter, the board agreed to omit two patios for the construction of the new hospital and to instead put 6×6 foot concrete stoops in its place which would save over $8,000 in construction costs. Lauren Williams, administrator with Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw, said Pioneer supports the change.

Lori Kerr, tax collector/assessor, presented bids received to fly Choctaw County taking aerial photographs. The board discussed each bid and possibly receiving a grant from MDOT for $10,000 if the photos are taken at a specific height. After much discussion, the board took no action at this time.

The Board of Supervisors approved: -Agenda after adding budget discussion and broadband issue in French Camp. -Approved after opening annual bids for gravel, pipe and more. -To pay $73,500 to Pioneer Health Systems for indigent care as required in the hospital lease. This payment will be for the first quarter of fiscal year 2011. -To advertise for bids to purchase an ultrasound for the new hospital. -To re-appoint Steve Wright as board attorney at the current rate of pay. The board must appoint a board attorney each year. -December board minutes. -Claims. -Jail inspection. -To recognize Peggy Miller, Circuit Clerk, hire of Amy Burdine as a deputy clerk at $9.25 per hour. -Reduction in assessment as requested by Lori Kerr, tax assessor/ collector. -Recognized a part-time hire for the Solid Waste Department to help while Reba Nowell, Solid Waste clerk, is out on sick leave. -To amend the agenda to add then approve the MPE workman’s comp drug free workplace program.