Health Science students learn first hand

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Health Science Technology students received an up close and personal view of MedStatAir while learning about career pathways for emergency medical personnel.

MedStatAir, a helicopter, provides scene and hospital transports of critically ill and injured patients throughout central Mississippi, north central Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta.

Two MedStat ambulances and staff were also on site to answer questions.

Health Science Technology students recently learned about the various emergency service careers including paramedics, EMTs, flight nurses and more. Students learned about the various emergency medical job descriptions, salaries and educational requirements.

While looking at the inside and outside of the helicopter, students were given a real life emergency scenario to help them understand how ambulance and medical helicopter crews work together. A student from each class was chosen as the “victim.” They were then strapped to a back board with a neck brace, placed on a stretcher then moved inside the helicopter. During this exercise the MedStat crews treated the “victim” as though they were in a real accident with real injuries. Students were able to see first hand some of the procedures the emergency staff perform and how a patient is situated inside the helicopter.

The Health Science students also asked the flight and ambulance crews questions about their experiences, education, and knowledge required to work on an emergency helicopter and ambulance.

“A career in the health field is a commitment to a lifelong education. You are always learning and studying,” said a MedStat paramedic.

The flight nurse added, “You know a little about a lot, but not a lot about a little.” She was stating how emergency crews need to know how treat many types of injuries and illness but they do not know a lot about a specific field, like a specialist would.

Health Science Technology is one of many classes offer at the Choctaw County Career and Technology Center.