Fundraising for Animal Shelter a success

Patsy Freeman
Winston County Journal

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer
Recent donations and a fundraising event for the Choctaw County Animal Shelter brought in $3,750. 
Quantum Choctaw Power donated $2,000 and the fundraising event raised $1,750. 
“I really appreciate all the help we had in making this event a success. We could not have done it without the volunteers and vendors who spend the day with us and the businesses and individuals who donated goods,” said Rita Morris, DVM, and director of the Choctaw County Animal Clinic.
The funds raised will be spent on much needed supplies to help finish the building at the Choctaw County Animal Shelter, that is located at 81 Edwards Road in Ackerman. 
“The money raised will help us reach our goal of building a clean, comfortable environment for the pets in our care. With this expansion, we can rescue more abandoned animals and keep them until we can find them homes,” said Morris. 
Quantum Choctaw Power officials were given a tour of the animal shelter before the fundraising event and saw the need at the shelter and how it helps the community. During the fundraising event, Quantum presented the animal shelter with a donation of $2,000.  
“Quantum Choctaw Power intends to set the standard as the best plant in the entire region, in terms of plant performance and being a top-tier employer and member of the community.” said Bob Bond, plant manager.  
“The new owners and the plant personnel are interested in helping and investing in the community. We are happy to give this donation, will help with a much-needed upgrade that will provide a valuable service to all,” said Bond. 
Donna McKay, 20th Century Club Project chairman, would like to thank Quantum for their donation. 
“I want to personally thank Andrew Prewitt at Quantum Choctaw Power for being instrumental in this donation and for future plans to help the animal shelter,” said McKay.
The 20th Century Club is helping to promote and support the Choctaw Animal Shelter as one of their community improvement projects called Paws to Support the Choctaw County Animal Shelter. 
The fundraising event was held October 27 with local vendors, games for the children, a silent auction and more. Angela Paine, fundraiser organizer, the 20th Century Club, more volunteers, vendors and community members helped make the event successful. This event raised $1,750 for the animal shelter. 
Adding to the recent donations is Southeastern Timber with a donation of lumber to help finish the roof of the building at the animal shelter.
“It is easy to get discouraged and think no one cares to help. To see the community come together and show us support makes it easier to not give up and work hard to make this a successful shelter that will make Choctaw County proud,” said Morris about her appreciation for all of the donations. 
“With help from volunteers from the community, we hope to have this building complete and the dogs brought inside before the weather gets too cold,” she added. 
Plans for a volunteer work day at the Choctaw County Animal Shelter are underway. If you would like to volunteer please call Donna McKay at 285-8452.
The animal shelter still needs donations to help keep them operating and to purchase safe, long-lasting kennels for the dogs. 
If you would like to donate call the Choctaw County Animal Clinic at 285-9006.
The Choctaw County Animal Shelter is a 501 c3 organization that is incorporated in December 2010. It is funded completely by donations only. The animal shelter is located at 81 Edwards Road and is currently home to 21 dogs and eight cats.