Mississippi State College Cowbell

Submitted by Dottie Dewberry

The most unique and certainly the most resounding symbol of Mississippi State University tradition is the cowbell.

The precise origin of the cowbell as a fixture of Mississippi State sports tradition remains unclear to this day.… Read more

Vaughan’s Vocabulary

I have been listening to a lecture by Oxford University Professor Emma Smith, who describes King John by William Shakespeare as “a sardonic and rather unheroic history play in which the question of who is the rightful king is subjected … Read more

Five ways to keep kids safe inside the home

By Jessica Smith

MSU Extension Service

Kids spend a lot of time indoors, and while that inactivity contributes to a lack of exercise, it also can cause other kinds of health problems.

David Buys, health specialist with the Mississippi State … Read more

Beating breast cancer? There’s an app for that!

By Dr. Mariah Smith Morgan

MSU Extension Service

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and if the men in the National Football League can wear pink, surely the rest of us can use technology to prevent, diagnose and beat breast … Read more